The Kiki Theatre Festival 2017

Can you believe we have a Theatre Festival in Portlaoise? Within it we want to bring you on a performance journey. Over five days we bring you a variety of stage acts and performances placed in some of Portlaoise’s most iconic settings.

Together, the Kiki Arts, Theatre & Performance Group have been working hard to produce two productions and one unforgettable theatre experience. In our first season we wanted invite some of Ireland’s top performers and performances, and in doing so, offer over 800 seats to theatre lovers of all ages. Slowly, Kiki Arts, Theatre & Performance Group is becoming a major player for producing quality unique experiences and we couldn’t be happier to have you as one of the team in creating something special for all of us in Portlaoise.

With loyal followers, Kiki Arts, Theatre & Performance Group has a solid foundation – and when you are sure-footed, you can take positive strides towards the future. And who wouldn’t walk with confidence with what’s in store for our first theatre festival in Portlaoise 2017?

The 2017 season will begin with THE MURDER OF MY MOTHER by playwright Hugh Cardiff in the Dunamaise Arts Centre. This incredible funny take on a common relationship within Ireland.

Up next is MUSE, created and performed by Kiki Arts, Theatre & Performance Group. Running for two nights this collection of performances in an historic setting will tug on your heart strings with a perfect mix of engaging theatre.
Show number three is a live broadcast of HAMLET by William Shakespeare from the National Theatre Live. Screened in the Dunamaise Arts Centre and starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Then, our very own hilarious Rustic Boy, MICHAEL CREAGH from Rathdowney will perform in The Panty with his take on interactive theatre while you enjoy delicious food in a beautiful restaurant.

Then we have PULLED created and performed the talented Devious Theatre group. This contains one serious hangover and no memory, sound familiar, experience these ladies reliving last night escapades.

Then to complete our selection performances we have THE EMPORERS NEW CLOTHES and THE HISTORY OF TOM THUMB created and performed by Banyan Puppet Theatre. These two interpretations of traditional tales told through puppetry, object theatre, storytelling and music. Perfect for everyone to enjoy.

We aim to place Portlaoise on the theatre map in a most convincing way and we have you to thank for that success.
We hope this year’s shows delight you as much as we enjoy putting them on stage for you.